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Today, we honor the incredible bravery of those who have selflessly served in our Armed Forces in order to secure the freedoms we hold so dear in our great republic. Thought we certainly don’t say it often enough, your sacrifices are deeply and humbly acknowledged and appreciated more than you can know.

And on this very special day, we’d also like to pay particular tribute to one of our own here in Milton, Georgia. Many of you, like us, have the pleasure of calling Bill and Janie Lusk friends. And friends to this beautiful community they are indeed! Bill has served the City of Milton as a member of the City Council since its “birth” as a city separate from Alpharetta a decade ago.

But prior to that, what some may not know, is that Bill is a VietNam veteran who served honorably with the “Seabees,” the U.S. Navy Construction Battalions. He is a member of the Alpharetta VFW Post 12002 and the American Legion Post 201. And he’s also an officer of the Piedmont Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.

But perhaps what impresses us most is Bill Lusk’s continued and tireless dedication to his fellow brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces. He was the founding organizer of Milton’s Memorial Day Ceremony and is also responsible for the implementation of the Fallen Veterans’ Marker Display.

Bill Lusk, U.S. Veteran

As my husband has noted and mentions each year: “I bet Bill Lusk has been up for hours placing the Veterans’ Day flags. This day is so important to him. I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to honoring those who serve.”

So today, Bill, we honor you and thank you so much for what you’ve done and continue to do on behalf of the courageous men and women who protect the freedom we sometimes take for granted. Thank goodness, there are good folks out there like you who never, for a minute, forget their sacrifice.

So today, along with our own Bill Lusk, we honor all those who have served and are serving our country so valiantly in the Armed Forces. May God watch over you and protect you

Fallen Veterans Markers, Milton, GA
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