Poor Richard’s Commentary — Spring 2017


Human nature is changeable by force. — Herbert Croly, William Godwin, John Dewey

Power must be concentrated in the hands of enlightened people in order to fulfill the promises of radical equality. Karl Marx, Richard Engles, Vladimir Lenin

A novel understanding of things is preferable to a historic understanding. New perspectives  create break-throughs and progress. John Stuart Mill, Marquis de Condorcet, Margaret Mead

The Family (like society) is an artificial construct. It can be changed to suit one’s needs. There is no such thing as a natural social order. — Jean Jaques Rousseau, Betty Friedan, Margaret Sanger

Justice is the compassionate manipulation of laws and processes to lift up the weak and harness the strong. The goal is to produce social equality if not explicit legal equality. The product is a sameness between people. — George Bernard Shaw, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Laurence Tribe


Human nature is constant through history and not changeable by force. — Edmund Burke, James Madison, Apostle Paul

Power must be dispersed to avoid abuse and corruption. — Adam Smith, Hilaire Belloc, Eric Voegelin

A historic understanding of things is preferable to a novel understanding of things. Historical perspectives treasure the knowledge of human experience. — C.S. Lewis, Leo Strauss, Freidrich A. Hayek

The Family is a natural starting point around which human beings are socially organized. Society is founded on this building block and flourishes when it respects this design. — Moses, Aristotle, G.K. Chesterton

Justice is one unchanging standard applied to all people equally without individual accommodation. — Frederic Bastiat, Alexander Hamilton, Antonin Scalia

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