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The Almanack

an American History Guild publication

The American History Guild’s purpose is simple – to tell America’s Magnificent story.

The Almanack, our online journal, was launched to aid in that purpose and like history itself, is wonderfully timeless. Peering into the past reveals to us that though time and technology change, human nature never does. A heartbreak feels the same whether on the rugged frontiers of yesteryear or in a posh Manhattan skyscraper today. A triumph of the spirit is equally so. As is disappointment and joy.

Our human emotions transcend time and thus, although the stories we tell are gleaned from the past, they remain relevant in the present and future. The stories are best enjoyed in any order you wish – just choose one and embark on the journey!

History is the Lifeblood of Our Nation

The American History Guild was founded to rekindle and stoke the sacred fire of liberty so that it may burn brightly in the hearts of those now living and yet unborn. Our vision is to draw upon our Republic’s illustrious past to enlighten and enliven the people of this great nation in order that they, in turn, will do the same. The projects we have embarked upon are myriad and varied but have one desired end: to re-acquaint our citizens with the miracle that was our country’s founding, and in the process, restore the seeds of liberty and civic virtue in the grand hope that America will long endure.

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Great Smokes. Great Founding Fathers

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The Preservationist Guild

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Meet The Team

John Adams


Tracy Ward

Architectural Historian

Bill Potter


Katie Dillard

Contributing Editor

Olivia Hightower

Contributing Editor
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