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On this day in 2001, the lives of the Adams family were forever changed and enriched beyond compare as our precious John Henry Thanh came kicking and screaming into the world. When John Henry was a mere 8 weeks old, we received a call about a “baby boy with a heart defect” who needed parents and we knew right away that God has chosen us for this most treasured of tasks.

In less than two weeks, we boarded a plane ultimately bound for Hanoi, VietNam wherein we first laid eyes on our son. We traveled from the Claudia Hotel to Tu Liem Orphanage with 10-12 other families anxiously awaiting meeting their newest family members.

John Henry at Monticello July 4th

Upon arrival, each family’s last name was called as a beautiful bundle of joy was ceremoniously presented to them. Our name was the last to be called so we got to really “take it all in” and see the priceless expressions on the faces of each family as they met their children.

It was the most surreal and amazing moment of my life. I wondered exactly how each child was “matched” with his or her forever family, but very quickly, it became apparent that God’s providence is always perfect and right.

And that He formed the families long before the plan was revealed to any of us. I tell everyone who inquires about our adoption story, that being present in the room that day was “like witnessing the delivery of 12 children all at once!”

John Henry with his new "sis" having tea

The years have passed, too quickly of course, but John Henry remains an absolute joy to his mom, dad and siblings. We couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate, kind and brilliantly creative boy who happens to be turning into a truly good man, before our eyes.

Happy 16th birthday, John Henry Adams!


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  1. Mary

    A beautiful tribute that never ceases to bless those of us who know and love your special family. The choices you made to be mom to your children are an example to many. Happy Birthday John Henry ! You are a much loved son, brother and friend.

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